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Creating Custom User properties for User record property association across all other objects

Problem & current work-around:
In our company we currently use slack as the main communication for all resolution between our fulfillment ops team and our sales reps to coordinate supply and deliveries. 

I currently have a custom field across the Contact, Company, Deal and Ticket object that matches (Object) Owner to this field whenver contact owner is known, and writes theri Slack ID string (e.g. Slack User - John Smith | Slack User ID string - <@ajhcuensjj>) into the single line text field.

However because I have to keep copying the source object to the target object whenever an (object) record owner is updated, i'm using contact as the main look-up to copy rather than arduously re-making the Owner > Custom field Slack ID string individually on each object.

Solution Idea Request:
Have the ability to create custom User record properties and have each object copy over from the user custom property to other custom properties whenever any "Hubspot User" Owner custom field is created is looking up who the user is and associated custom property fields is present in that Account's Hubspot Org.

I can definitely see this applied to other aspects other than slack ID notification that requires a specific API string to prompt other softwares for easier workflow builds and maintenance when the source of this information can be edited on the User Record level itself.