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Create reports based on list memberships

When creating reports and dashboards for my organization I found out that Hubspot is not that great in giving you a lot of options. We are implementing multiple leadscoring models for each of our 7 product lines. Therefore I wanted to create a report that instantly shows me the amount of contacts with more than 150 points per product line. I managed to create lists that show me how many people have more than 150 points on the corresponding lead scoring property. I then created a report in which i filtered on the lists i wanted to show and then measured them by count of contacts. So I could easily report to management how many contacts have more than 150 points seperated per product line. You can see this report in the image attached. The second image shows the report right now after hubspot apparently fixed something. It seems it wasnt the intention to make this kind of report possible. Now I cant report in the way i want anymore and I would like to see this functionality return. Is there something I am missing or is this function really removed?

Hubspot used to have this function but this was ''fixed'' which made reporting like in the picture above impossible.Hubspot used to have this function but this was ''fixed'' which made reporting like in the picture above impossible.

This is what the same report looks like now. A lot of different lists added even though i filtered on the lists i want to see.This is what the same report looks like now. A lot of different lists added even though i filtered on the lists i want to see.


Who: The type of feature is relevant for Marketeers and their management.

Goal: The ability to see list performance based on segments instantly in a dashboard.

Value: Instantly report on list memberships. With the ability to fully customize who shows up in your rlist report.

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Im looking for that as well. 

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I'd done a similar thing, and now found it's all broken fixed so it no longer offers usable data. It seems a little absurd that filtering dashboard or report results by a specified list doesn't actually filter by said list at all. 

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Has anyone found a fix/workaround for this? 

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This is a great idea! Reporting could be improved drastically if we could see how list memberships change over time on our dashboards. I currently have to go into lists individually to see their performance and add this information to a spreadsheet offline to present to my team.


Lists can show me almost everything I need to know about our contacts so it's immensely frustrating that I can't put this information all in one place on a dashboard. I hope HubSpot will take this on board. 

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Yes, this is a feature that I could use as well.

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Yes, I also really need this feature!


I've been also needing this with several of my clients. This would also make it way easier to report on form submissions since form reporting has the same issue as list reporting. You have to go under Forms to see / manage reporting.


This feature would be amazing! I want to report on the total amount of contacts for each lead score threshold in several lists and having that in one simple dashboard with aggregated data will make it so much simple than having to go into each list and check this. Have you found any workaround? Thanks 🙂 


I thought I was going crazy since I couldn't figure out how to report on list membership! I need this feature too!


Any workaround for this yet?

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This would be incredibly helpful!

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posting on behalf of my customer: 


we are using multiple lists in our marketing emails and would need to be able to analyse the list performance by marketing emails more intuitively. the current work arounds do not allow an easy comparison of the numbers. 





Why do we even have the option to filter by lists, if it does not work? 😑


Need this too


Me too! Yesterday! 


This would be very helpful to have. We wanted to use this as a workaround for the issue that contacts from Offline sources are not recognized by Hubspot as created by a campaign. It was frustrating to see that even a potentially easy workaround to a problem ended up causing even more problems that were not expectable.


Yes, please add this! Really all performance-related information that is available in various places should automatically also be available in the report builder.

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Posting this on behalf of a customer, it's frustrating to not be able to create reports using data from specific lists even though the "filter by list" function is there. Right now all the lists are showing even if the filter is activated, which defeats the purpose. 😞 Please have this feature soon, it would be incredibly helpful for many of our customers!


This could also help us solve for reporting on meetings booked using the meetings link. Creating a list to track the booked meetings conversions per meeting link and then reporting on additions to that list would be very helpful. (Since the meeting report is pretty much view only)