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Create a custom field with a subset of hubspot users based on teams

Hi there

It would be great if in a custom field, instead of getting a whole drop down list of ALL hubspot users, we could have a drop down list of Hubspot users based on teams. In a company that has a lot of users, it will make things a lot simpler when trying to select from a whole list of Hubspot users.


I have also looked into this solution:


But there are limitations. For example if you do want to use the custom field as personalisation tokens, you cannot use the Signature/Email/Meetings Link fields. You also have to manually upkeep this list if users leave etc. The solution as per the author has mentioned is also somewhat clunky, and having this in built in Hubspot would definitely be a great boon to me and to many others, so please hit the upvote button 😉