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Create a Search Option to Find Social Posts from NO Campaigns, or Multiple Campaigns

When searching through social media posts by campaign, it would be extremely helpful to have enhanced search options such as:

  1. Search for posts with NO campaign
  2. Search for multiple campaigns' posts at once

We post an immense number of digital assets (especially social posts) for many different campaigns that we have running at any given time. Because human error is bound to occur every few hundred posts no matter how much we try, that means every now and then a post gets scheduled without a campaign attribution. Sometimes we can catch the oversight, but probably not always, so it would be nice to go back and find any non-campaign posts we may have missed. At the moment there's really no way to do that except manually, visually browse dozens of social post pages. It's just not practical.


Additionally, if a particular post topic without a campaign were to start gaining traction and then later posthumously be given a campaign, browsing past posts in order to label them with this new campaign would be made faster if we didn't have to wade through posts that already have campaigns attributed to them.


And lastly, sometimes users may have two or three campaigns that are all very similar or even interconnected, and it would be nice to search for all their posts together at once to make sure there is or isn't overlap.