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Create a List from a Workflow

Hi!  Seems like a useful feature for list to be able created from a workflow trigger, most notably a form being filled in.  If you want to use forms for signing multiple people up for multiple different things, right now you have to make a new form (makes sense), but then make a list, then make a workflow to add somebody to that list.  Kind of defeats any purpose of having a workflow, if you have to make the list and the workflow for every time you want to make a list.


Example:  We have a property called "Mkt Partnership Org" with checkbox options for any company we partner with. We then have a hidden field (that property, "Mkt...") in each form that we create, with the specific company that we are sending this form to checked off.  We would like a list to be created (with title of the Mkt Partnerhsips Org - pulled right from the property) each time somebody fills out a form, and the Mkt Partnership Org property has a known value.  Make sense?