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Create Lists, Workflows & Notifications for Sales Document Views

While you can go to see who has viewed your Sales Document, you cannot create a list around who has viewed a sales Documents, create a workflow around once someone has viewed a Sales Document or set up custom notifications once a contact has viewed a Sales Document.


Why this is a problem: If a contact owner has changed, the new owner does not receive any notification once their contact has viewed a Sales Document that was sent by the previous owner. You cannot create a workflow that can notify the new owner of the Sales Document view either.


The only person who will get an email notification that a contact has viewed a sales document is the person who originally sent the Sales Document. Previous owners are now forced to find out who the new owner is and forward the notification to the current owner. That's if the current owner is lucky enough to have someone willing to do that work. Also, the previous owner may no longer work for the company which means no one will receive a notification.

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This is really needed. Thank you Alexi for posting this. I hope a lot of people Upvote it!

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Thanks for submitting this idea. It can really be an issue, particularly when the person is no longer with the company.

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This is really needed by sales teams and sales management.


YES! This is desperately needed.


Our Managing Director would also love to receive a notification to his email when a prospect opens an agents email.

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Looks like this idea is currently under review: See a similar idea post here --> I also think this would be a desired feature


I also need this feature


I would love to have this too !


This is a big oversight by HubSpot that this is not included.


I am looking at third party tools that I would have to purchase just so I can be notified when someone reads an embedded document sent to them from a email. The fact that only the original sender gets notified is a major functional flaw. This issue goes back to 2017. 


How do we get this escalated? I will talk to my partner rep. I encourage everyone else in this discussion to talk to any of their contacts at HS as well.