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Counting a number of associated objects depending on a specific association label

I'd like to be able to track on a property the number of records associated to another record record, while filtering by category of the association labels.

My use case is that in my database, I'll have a sponsor (contact) associated to multiple beneficiaries (contacts as well)


I'd like to be able to have in a hubspot property, that sponsor X has 4 beneficiaries


I was able to fetch that information in a report by filtering by association label, but there's no workaround to exploit that information elsewhere in a property

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Sounds like a great idea!

There are several Associations apps on the HubSpot marketplace.

Maybe one of them such as "Associ8" by the Hapily folks could add that feature for you?


I'd also like this abiilty. I'd like to create a list for my sales people to call Pet Owners that own 2 or more pets. But not owners of fish, those people are weird.