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Controlling and dependent property attributes needed

In Salesforce CRM you're able to define 'controlling' and 'dependent' fields in order to manage the selection of values between two fields that are related to one another i.e. Region and Country. If I select the region 'EMEA', then I need the 'Country' field to only display values relevant to EMEA (France, Germany etc) not countries in APAC for example. 


This capablility to link field behaviour to one another is usually used with Check boxes, Single select drop downs and Multi-select drop downs. 


This features ensures users only select relevant values in fields/properties and therefore aids data cleanliness and reporting. Please can we have this in HubSpot too. 

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I agree this would be valuable, Vanessa.


There's a similar thread on this idea you can upvote over here:

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Agreed. I added to the other thread above. 


I agree with this idea.

We have an extremely negative impact on our process, which could be avoided if we had this in HubSpot

We currently have to fill in several additional fields because we don't have this functionality.
As the calculations depend on filling all the properties to be executed, we always have to fill all the properties.

In my company, we are experiencing a huge loss of productivity.


Yes, the Salesforce CRM sync looks incomplete without this.

Example use case being :

If the status of a contact is selected as "Disqualified"

Then a user needs to select "Disqualification Reason"

Then only they can save the record.. 

If we do not select the reason then it doesn't sync to Salesforce.


Another Example :

"Industry" being : Retail

Then "Subindustry" should be types of retail industries only. Let's say "Pharma Retail"

Without the validations - users select any random ones also.

This is very much needed to keep the data sanitized in all systems.


Don't think Hubspot cares about basic functions such as this.


We need this, it creates some gaps in data when we have two fields where an answer to one requires a response in another

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This would be a great feature to have, as certain types of automation hinge around the ability for imported/inputted property values to be registered into a different property, as property values. 

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I have a similar use case from one of my clients.

Two properties whereby if the company name is X, then a custom property (drop-down), would be populated with value Y.

This would still require some setting up, as there could be thousands of different company names.


Another way to achieve this would be via AI. The system would have to recognize the value filled in the custom property for a  company name already used, and replicate it into other objects.


Esto es muy necesario!!! Por favor!