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Conditional Field Dropdown Values

Hey HubSpot, 

We love the use of conditional functionality now within the HubSpot CRM. However, we do struggle with it only being limited to show "If Field A's value is X, then show Field B" 

What we're looking to achieve is, "If Field A's Value is this, then show Field B with only options X, Y and Z". 

Essentially, we're finding it quite difficult for both reporting and data management purposes to create separate properties to consolidate certain values i.e. 

If Location is "Newcastle" then show "Buildings" with only "Newcastle Building A" / "Newcastle Building B" as options despite hosting other locations in the same field as values. 

A lot of other systems support this so would love to see it implemented - this also applies to both CRM sidebars and forms

Thank you


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I've been asked many times for this by my HubSpot clients. For one client I setup 252 state dropdowns depending on the country property. That was a lot of work to bypass this missing feature. 


This realllly needs to be a part of the required pipeline properties. When we're collecting data/additional context on closed lost reasons, for example, things get quite muddy.