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Comparison of properties as enrollment condition on lists/workflows

Allow a new condition in lists/workflows that compares different properties. One example it can help with is to automatically find who is the primary contact for a company.


You could do it in a workflow like this:

IF Contact Email is equal to Company Email 

THEN set contact property Primary Contact to YES.


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May 18, 2020 01:13 PM

Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products here at HubSpot. Thanks for all of your feedback on this thread.


While we don't currently have anything planned here, we are going to be reviewing this idea. We will update this thread as we learn more.




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I'd love to be able to compare two numerical contact properties in a workflow. For example, if property A is greater than property B, then do X, else do Y.

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This would be an extremely useful feature.


Another use case:


If X property and Y property have the same contents - put them in this list


A must to bring HubSpot to another level and enable complex workflows I think. Could really make a difference to some of the companies we work with.


I like this idea too - my intended use would be - if this property hasn't changed since the last time contact went through this workflow, then (do something or do nothing)




Hi @gtwright. Your idea is very similar to this one that has more upvotes:

Might I suggest that you have a look at this other idea and upvote it?




Thanks for letting me know. Glad to upvote that other idea!


I would like to use this to keep from updating a property if it isn't required. So, for a workflow in which I'm going to copy the value of Property X to Property Y, I want an if/then that allows me to say:


If Property Y == Property X, do nothing

Else, copy value of Property X to Property Y


This would also allow me to keep workflows from looping upon one another.

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Indeed, this feature is HIGHLY needed !

I would want it for a Single Checkbox Property A that I want to compare to a Multiple Checkbox Property B.


Example :


A = 2

B = [1,2,3]

If A in B then

Do something


Use case, want to kick off a workflow (or put user in a list) when their "account balance", a field we sync to hubspot, dips below an amount specified in another custom field "balance remind".


"Create a to-do item to contact customer when balance is < $xxx (custom field)"

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This would be nice. This is a basic ask for a workflow engine.


Example: If 'Last customer reply date' > 'Last Contacted Date'


 I'm also looking for the ability to compare two numerical contact properties in a workflow or list. If property A is greater than property B, then do X, else do Y.


I also need that in order to limit useless update in enrollment or if/then branch.


Exemple :

IF Property A = Property B

THEN do nothing

ELSE copy property A to property B


Hubspot can not implement a basic request like this in two years (which is being generous - people have needed this for a lot longer).


All we are asking is to compare two number properties A and B - i.e., if A is less than B, proceed, otherwise stop. 


So we have to use Zapier and create a parallel database in Google Sheets just to do basic math?




This feature is critical for our global operation. We receive thousands of leads each month from operations around the world and must accurately assign those leads to the right sales rep who covers the contact's company's territory. 


We need a way to quality check that the assignments are accurate. In other words, to check that the company owner's location is the same as the company's location. 


Without a comparison feature in workflows, there is no way to do this (without creating hundreds of workflows for each country, each state, etc with if/then statements) 


Very needed feature! 

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Well, not only do we need the ability to compare properties, but in your case you are also asking for the ability to compare a contact/deal/company property to a Hubspot user location (Company owner).


1. There's nowhere to store data for hubspot users... this needs to be solved. We need the ability to create custom properties for hubspot users, and populate them via the settings UI and via api. Tons of uses for this.

2. Then the ability to expose those properties in workflows. They often implement workflow features one at a time across contacts/deals/companies/tickets - so good luck on when they would decide to make it available in company workflows.

3. Then the ability to actually compare properties to each other via a IF/THEN in workflows.


I would say this is a big ask - though a great ask.


If you need this sooner rather than later (just assume 1+ years for the featuer) - I would highly suggest solving this via the hubspot api....


I know from experience, that there are many use cases that can only be solved via api and crm extensions.


I also suggest you build a good relationship with your CSM and regularily (repeateadly) raise your needs in detail with them.






I like this idea, as well. I would have another use case off if X property and Y property do not have the same contents, notify me. 



This is a great idea! Did anybody find a workaround for this?




Absolutely need this.



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We would like to see this features as well. We have a custom deal property that is fed by several different data sources, including through contact form submissions. It would be useful to be able to create a workflow that sent out a notification if there is a discrepancy between what the contact submitted to the contact property and the current value of the company record property.