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Community site onboarding: Show instructions on Accounts page, to help people complete their setup

When people try to vote on a Hubspot Idea for the first time, they get prompted to log in to their Hubspot account, and the system takes them to the Accounts page, where there are no further instructions tha reveal what they have to do next.


As a result, some people think that they can't vote on ideas, and some people believe that they've successfully voted because the clicked "upvote" and followed all the text instructions that they saw from there.


If you were to add instructions on the Account page, as part of the Community login workflow, then some people wouldn't give up on trying to upvote, or even falsely think that they've successfully voted when they have not.


I had about 10 different people reach out to either ask me for support with this today or to tell me that they voted when they did not, because the workflow didn't make sense to them. This is about 50% of the people that I asked to upvote so far, which means that the lack of text possibly confuses a large percentage of more casual Hubspot users.


This workflow improvement -- adding instructional text on the Accounts page when people are trying to log in to the Community site -- would help a lot!


Thank you for considering it.