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Close Rate Report

Hi everyone! 


I'm looking to create a report that shows the closing rate percentage for each sales rep. Normally it would just be a simple (deals closed/total leads) calculation, but I can't seem to find that on HubSpot. Is there a way to do this? 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @rboniek,


Can you send along what reports you have created so far? Additionally, are you working with the available reports, or do you have access to the reporting add on?


For a full list of the default sales reports, I wanted to share this resource. For creating custom reports, I wanted to share this article.


Thank you,


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Hello HubSpot Community,


I am trying to achieve the same report as @rboniek. I am trying to achieve the % percentage by Sales rep. It should be a pretty simple calculation (Offers sent/deals won), but I can't seem to find any properties able to report this by Sales rep. The portal I am trying to achieve this with includes reporting add-on and Sales hub Enterprise + Marketing Hub Professional.


This seems like a pretty basic CRM feature since Close % is a key metric for tracking Sales team performance. 


Is there any way of doing this with HubSpot? 🙂 


We got as close as I think it's possible. 


We set it up this way - see pictures below. For deal stages, just select the ones you want. Then in visualization, select the pie chart. 


I hope that helps! 



Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 12.10.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-04-01 at 12.09.53 PM.png


I am trying to create this same report. Any Updates?


also looking for a built-in report


i'm in the same boat


You can do that with third-party apps from the App Marketplace (cough cough, Demand Sage, cough cough).


Other than that, I think the easiest way to do it is probably to make a bunch of clones of the "Deal stage funnel with deal totals and conversion rates" report and filter each only for deals owned by a particular rep.


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Better HubSpot Reporting In Sheets


My goal: Include a number (%) to show Closed Rate for an individual Sales Rep's dashboard
Workaround: Single Object report (Deals) -> Deal Owner = "Me" + Stages = 'Closed Won' and 'Closed Lost' > Visualisation as Pie Chart


We also need this - the deal stage funnel does not work since so people skip steps and go to won/lost



I'm on the same issue here. There should be an option to display the % of close rate . 

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two (not so ideal) ways of doing this. 

1. Single Object Report (deals), filter by rep (optional), filter by deal stages "Closed won" and "closed lost", visualize as a pie chart

2. Funnel Report (Deals), all stages, filter by rep (optional) , all deals + closed won. 


Ideal? no not in the least. Especially this is such a basic sales metric and the raw data is clearly there. I still do not understand why in the most recent reporting rollout there wasn't a "custom metric" (not custom properties) option. Every basic analytics tool has that. 

I'm actually doing most of my monthly reporting that I use for management updates & decision meetings in databox. For everyday use, quick checks and for my reps it's mostly sufficient. Still frustrating knowing the power of SFDC however. 


Thanks for the pie chart work-around @Lanny  and @rboniek
@Lanny question for you...when using the Funnel Report, when I filter the data range, for example by last year, I realized that this excludes Deals that were created prior to last year, even though they may have closed-won during last year. If I were creating the same report for each year, they'd be left out of the year before as well, since they didn't Close in that year. How do you handle reporting on those?


why has this never been created? It's the most basic of sales reports. I just chatted with support and learned it still doesn't exist. 

Rep 1: 32%
Rep 2: 27%
Rep 3: 33%

Please Hubspot, prioritize making this report work. 


Is there a reason why this current thread with the same concern/question won't work? It has lots of comments with people wanting the same.

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Only seing this now @amandafann .


Sounds like some sort of filter issue. You have to select close date not create date in the filters. Hope that helps. Otherwise, please drop me an email

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Hey guys! 


One way to show your close rate is by average forecast probabilities of closed deals. Because those of closed deals will simply be either 0% or 100%-- If you had 2 closed-won deals and 2 closed lost:


(100% + 100% + 0% + 0%) / 4  = 50%




Just be sure and only include Closed Deals (ie won/lost deals)


Hope this helps 🙂 


brilliant work around!


This isn't a full list. This is a page on managing dashboards. I don't quite understand why a simple close rate report is nowhere in Hubspot. It's a critical metric to understand and forecast revenue based on past activity. 

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Ignore the shameless self promoting apps/third party in this thread. 


Can't say I know why hubspot hasn't released a default report in sales analytics or their reporting library. . . seems very critical. 


But I can say with certainty there is an elegant solution using Single Object Deal Reports.


After filtering to only won & lost deals. Taking the Average of 'Deal Stage Probablity' or 'Likelihood to close' will give you the win rate report your looking for. 


You could then visualize as bar charts, in a table, as one single percentage etc. 

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This is a pretty-sure way to scare away business bro. no funnels needed. If they want a bar chart give them a bar chart . . .


Single obj reports.  take the Average of  'deal stage forecast probability', then facet/group by rep in a bar chart