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Cannot expand form submission card in contact activity feed on the app

When a new lead fills out a form on my site, I receive an automated email to let me know that a form has been submitted.


When I click the orange button to View in Hubspot I am taken to the Contact record. In the activity feed, I can see the Form Submission event has been added. 


My expectation is that, like the web version, I can click a chevron icon labelled Updated x Properties, which will expand the card to show the values submitted in the form.


The actual behaviour is that there is no label + icon; only the event card saying a form was submitted.


I would like to be able to expand the card in the mobile app so that I can refer back to the form submission when communicating the customer, without having to open the web version, dig out the original email or conversation.

Many thanks

CleanShot 2020-11-12 at 17.32.50@2x.png