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Bulk Associate Records from The List View

From the index view on any object type, we can check boxes to select multiple records and a Bulk Actions menu appears:



Please add the ability to "Bulk Associate" records to this menu.


This should honor the association settings and limits defined on the object settings. For example, if Ticket associations are not enabled, the option to associate a Ticket record won't appear. 


Or if there is a finite number of maximum associated records, it would prevent the user from exceeding it via the Bulk Associate action.


It would be even better to set Association Labels in this same manner or remove associations entirely.



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This would be a huge improvement to the way managing associations works currently


+1. This would be an awesome addition that would solve a lot of headaches for people. 


In the meantime, also wanted to share that Insycle can help with this. Full disclosure, I work for Insycle. But we do have direct solution for you here, so I wanted to share. 


In the screenshot below, you can see that in Step 1, we are filtering records by list membership, so that we are only associating records in that list. In step 2, we are instructing Insycle how to match the associations (by email domain matching to company domain). Now, this won't catch every member of the list on its own, because every contact's email address domain might not match their company domain. But you can build additional templates that match using other fields like phone numbers, company name, etc. to catch any lingering missing associations. 


Here is an article that breaks down all of Insycle's advanced association features to give you a better idea of what is possible. Hope that helps!


insycle associate list.png