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Better error message / indication for score properties

Just wasted an hour of my life entering 80+ filters for new deal "Score" property with a lot of attention to detail and care only to receive the following error message after clicking "Create": 

"There is a duplicate rule in your score. Pleae check your score rules and ensure that they are all unique."

There's no error indicator next to the duplicate fields and no other way to debug / test the filters so I now have to re-do this whole process, entering filters and testing as I go.

It would be fantastic if there was:
a) An indicator next to the "duplicate" filters
b) A way to test / debug the filters (similar to workflows)


Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 7.44.10 pm.png

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After debugging manually the duplicate fields were "Total revenue" which is as a Contact property and a Company property.

Might need to make this a bit clearer somehow.