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Automatically set Hard bounce contacts to non marketing contacts

It would be helpfull if HubSpot implement a feature that automatically categorizes contacts as non-marketing contacts if their emails hard bounce. This would prevent them from receiving further marketing emails and reduce the risk of email suspension. This is to avoid the need for additional steps, such as creating suppression lists for each marketing email sent.

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Hi @JDeLaRosa3 


It is common and accepted practice to create a workflow that does that for you.

In addition, as soon as a contact has hard bounced HubSpot will exclude it anyway from any future sends, for the reasons you have described.




Yes this would be a great addition. Definitely needed. As Frank mentioned, I believe that people generally set this up manually with Workflows, and HubSpot does exclude from future sends, but unless you mark it non-marketing you do still have to pay for the contact in your pricing. 


Also, in full disclosure I work for them, but Insycle can help with this and in other ways to remove low-quality records and find more opportunities for non-marketing contacts. Here is an article about it that you might find helpful.