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Associate JIRA issues with CRM contacts and/or companies

I've been using the JIRA-Hubspot integration provided by JIRA:


It does 3 things:

1. I can associate JIRA issues to Hubspot CRM contacts (on JIRA)

2. I can view all associated CRM contacts per JIRA issue (on JIRA)

3. I can vew all associated JIRA issues per CRM contact (on Hubspotj, right sidebar)


However, JIRA is getting rid of this integration in 2021.


Hubspot, do you have any plans to add similar functionality? I don't use service tickets, nor do I see why I have to.

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Hi @edwin177,


The only integration which you can find on the Atlassian Marketplace is our app: HubSpot CRM Integration for Jira cloud. With this app, you can display on issue data about reporter collected in HubSpot without switching between both tools: Jira and HubSpot. In the global configuration in Jira, you have to define which fields from HubSpot you want to present on the ticket. If you change a value in HubSpot, it's also updated in Jira on the issue view. You don't need access to HubSpot to see this data on Jira issue.


I hope that you find this app useful. In case of any questions, let me know.


Emma Sophie Jones

Appsvio team