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Allow Us To Add More than Three Competitor Streams

Please expand the number of competitor streams we can monitor simultaneously. 😁


We've been using the Competitor Streams for a while now and finding them incredible valuable in gaining intelligence on our competitors through their publishings on social.  While I would love it if we only had three competitors, unfortunately that's not the case.  I'm not really sure why we're limited to only three at a time but it would be exponentially more valuable to expand the number of competitors we could monitor simultaneously.  

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Agreed, being able to add more competitors (more than 3) will be really helpful! 


I wholeheartedly second this idea. It would be truly phenomenal to have benchmark page & post-level data to compare against competitors (ideally an unlimited amount, instead of just 3).

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Agree that this would be very useful for us!!


☝️This would be hugely beneficial for us too !


We'd love to be able to add around 20! 

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More than three competitors would be very helpful. Could someone at HubSpot chime in and let us know if this is on the dev roadmap, isn't ever going to happen, or if there's a logical explanation for why there are only three competitor streams allowed?