Add who deleted, a search box, a export button and "manage columns" option to Objects' Recycle Bins


Hi everyone!

I would like to suggest the following improvements for the recycle bins:


  1. Add the name or email to the recycle bin of the user that deleted an object (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or engagements).
  2. Add a search box in the Recycle Bin (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or engagement page) so that in case someone bulk deleted a batch of records that included by mistake one that didn't need to be deleted, it is easy to find.
  3. Include the number of page in the Pagination Menu at the bottom to know the page we are on.
  4. Have an export button there so that we can get a document to keep track of the objects (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, or engagements) we have deleted.
  5. Add the "Manage columns" option that is available in other parts of the tool. (See Screenshot). 
  6. Marketing_Email___HubSpot.png

    Add the same filters used in the index pages to restore specific contacts based on an object property (See Screenshot)



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really necessary