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Add "Update payment method" link as a token in emails in subscription workflows

If a user has a payment plan subscription, e.g. $50/mo for 6 mo, and their payment fails at some point, currently only one automated email is sent. We want to send several reminder emails before canceling their subscription. We can send the emails using a subscription workflow, but there's no way to include the "update payment method" link in those emails. So there's no call to action. The user would need to look back in their inbox for the automated payment failed email from Hubspot and click that link. Or reply to the email and ask us to send them the link.


Additionally, the update payment link should be *viewable* by Hubspot users. I should be able to see it, copy and paste it into a text message or an email or anywhere else. Right now I can only request Hubspot to send it directly to the user.