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Add offline events to Marketing Events object

The Marketing Event object only allows offline events to be added with contacts via an integration on online event. However, we have in-person conferences that we would like to add. Although we can add them to the object, it will not let us manually add contacts or deals to that object.

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Love this as in-person events ramp back up. 

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We need to be able to upload a list of attendees to an in-person marketing events that we host. This is important to our attribution reporting.


Agreed - we host many webinars and events through third-party partners, with no way to use the API or integration with the platforms they're using. But this is essential to tracking our lead funnels and scoring

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Suprised there are only 4 replies here. Could we please have some tracking for in-person events with native hubspot tools? 


Would love to include an event as in the contact's SOURCE property! As well as have this information feed into our attribution models without

i) doing our own custom obj solution.

ii) feeding data through api. 


Proving / tracking ROI on events is critical to our execs