Add multiple value logic to single line text Form dependency rules


Goal: Allow for multiple values logic in Forms dependency rules when evaluating a single line text field, such as allowing comma-delimited values entry when building the rule.


When working on building a dependency rule for Country and State fields on my HubSpot form, I was unable to create multiple conditions for how the user might enter values into the Country field, which is single line text type.


In this example, I would like to show the State field for if Country contains any of the following values: US, USA, United States, United States of America. If I were using a tool like filtered views, I could use commas to separate those potential values, but that function is not available in the Forms tool.


Attempting to add multiple dependency rules for the same field and dependency throws a duplicate error. In this example, after building the first rule for US, I get an error building the rule for USA that says the State field is already in use on the form.


I understand that for Country and State fields, a defined picklist is best for maintaining data integrity, and would also solve this issue (Forms can evaluate multiple entry values if the field type is dropdown or multiple checkbox type, for example). However, there may be conditions where a field is best used as single line text where this logic may come in handy.


Note: There are a few ideas on here that deal with multiple layers of dependency on forms, or that ask about the best way to implement a Country-State dependency rule. This idea is different from those, specifically looking to add more control to setting logic rules for single line text fields.

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I have come across the same issue. My workaround was to create a list and workflow to override the current information and designate it in the format I chose for common instances. For example, I created a list of common U.S. submissions: U.S., US, United States, America. I also created a list of common International countries. I had a workflow take anyone in the U.S. workflow and designate "United States" into that field. This workaround took a few hours on the front end, yet the importance of data integrity was well worth the time investment. 

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Thanks, Stefani! That makes sense as a corrective measure after the fact to normalize the value set, but in my case we're looking to make sure that Lead Assignment Rules set up in our integrated Salesforce instance can fire appropriately when a new lead is synced in from HubSpot. Most of the rules are state/territory-based for our North American leads, so it's important to collect that state information at the point of conversion. 


We've worked around the issue so far by using an optional "State" form item and labeling that it should be entered if the submitter is from US or Canada. Alternatively, we could set up the state field to always be required and include an "Other" value for when users choose non-NA countries.


In either case, simply displaying the state when it's most appropriate would be the preferred solution to minimize entry requirements or mistakes on the user's part.


I have this use case for Company which is a text field. I want to supply a follow up question when certain company names are populated but not when any company name is suggested. 

In lists there is the possibility of using the ; to denote the next option and that would be a fantastic addition. Necessary for me to meet the needs of my sales teams routing.


As for the the state/Country situation, we implemented a similar clean up to what StefaniUAT suggested to get everyting above board and then once aligned mapped our pick list to Salesforce using the 2 value version of states and Countries to flow to SF - i believe their is a standard called country code and state code in Salesforce to match to.

This works nicely as they show in Hubspot as the full state and then submits cleanly to SF through the 2 value, therefore aligning across the platforms. Then in your Lead Assignment rules you go off of the State code and the country code and they route correctly.Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 3.54.54 PM.png

We currently have this set up for US,CA and AU. We did have to update a few when we added australia as there were duplicate 2 value options for their provinces


I can't believe that this isn't possible in HubSpot. Programatically it seems like such a simple action and I can't believe that only 5 other people have requested this. It is so important that we are able to add comma separated fields to the email addresses so that we can triger logic based on certain values and not just a single value. Please add this HubSpot.