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Add Tiktok and Snapchat



I think you need to add Tiktok and Snapchat in HubSpot so we can manage ads from this platform 

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100%! It's a huge missed opportunity with the growing impact of Tiktok. I see Snapchat in social now so don't understand why Tiktok isn't there too?Tiktok is really looking strong here in our marketing v Facebook - Insta still clinging on but it's so important that Hubspot reviews its social channel lists - there are social platforms I've never heard of and I've been in digital 20 years yet TikTok is nowhere to be seen. 

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I agree. Including more than just managing LinkedIn, FB, and Instagram would be super beneficial.
Snapchat and TikTok are huge and should be supported in the Social Tool. Perhaps Xing (if possible) the biggest B2B SoMe network in Germany (similar to LinkedIn).

Kind regards, Stefan