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Add Meeting Type Options to Calendar Sync - Google Calendar

For our commercial team, while we'd love every single lead to use our HS meeting links when booking meetings, unfortunately nowadays - manually scheduling meetings is unavoidable. 


Can Hubspot update the Google Calendar sync to include adding Meeting type options (pre-qualification, first outreach, etc) for any meetings synced with Google Calendar based on Contact Record criteria in HS?


The output would be to ensure all meetings on Google Calendar (including manually scheduled meetings on Google Calendar) that already have email addressess in HS can associate a Meeting Type based on minimum criteria like:


1. Contacts who already have associated emails in HubSpot CRM

2. Auto sync Meeting Type based on HubSpot Contact Record criteria (like Lead Status)


Would be great for reporting to take manual entry of Meeting Type if that data could be captured based on meetings synced with Google Calendar, assoicated emails in HS, & Lead Status.


Please and thank you!