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Add/Edit Tasks Kanban Stages

In Deals we have the option to edit and add stages to fit our business model. 

Similarly, in Tasks we would like to see flexibility to adapt the stages to completion shown on the Kanban board.


Use case: We have multiple steps within the 'In Progress' stage that we would like to reflect for better accountability and transparency. A task can sit in the 'In Progress' stage for some time and there's no clarity on whether there is actually progress being made. 

e.g. add a stage 'Submitted for Review' or 'Researching' that occurs between Not Started and Completed. Adding a 'Blocked' stage would also help managers identify tasks where a Sales rep needs their support. 



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This is a great idea!  I have quite a few customers who would benefit from this level of customization.

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It would be awesome if tasks had customizable properties just like deals, contacts, tickets, etc.


We also need to add stages to the Kanban in order to be more precise in the stage of the task.


Great idea

Please do so


Please, It should be customized. We would be able to choose stages names as happens in Deals.

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This is a great idea and it would be an amazing opportunity to improve the UI of the tasks in HubSpot. I hope we can see this one day implemented as it's a beatiful and tidy design.


I like the idea too. Particularly the Kanban board to task manage activities. That will create mores stickness and focus on the use of Hubspot


I desperately need this to be an option! Would be amazing to have tasks be their own Object, or have some other way of creating a persistent record that can be used on the Service Hub side to track stages of the customer journey.


Eg. Sales moves their Deal object to a "Trial" status in HubSpot, which creates a CS ticket in ServiceHub to request a product demonstration; the ticket is used for comms and has the automations set up to change status when customer responds: Would be great to have a separate task or other sort of object that be associated to the ticket, but statused based on where the customer is in the journey, and not statused by whether they emailed us, or we emailed them (the default automations for the pipelines).


I am new to ServiceHub and HubSpot, so maybe I am just showing my complete ignorance, but hopefully what I have said makes sense! 😉


TL;DR I just want a kanban board INSIDE ServiceHub, because the whole reason we got it was to eleminate the need for extra platforms.


I honestly would like to replace some project management in asana in hubspot, and this would help a lot.


This would be an awesome feature - we were devastated when we realised it was only an 'idea' upvote ASAP!


Best idea!!


common team!, it's bout the time - please do not push us to notions, clickup or other PM tools with Kanban


Please!!! Such an easy win for Hubspot. 


hope this gets worked on soon... much clearer to the eye

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customers have been asking for this feature! I believe this would be great!