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Activity-based workflow

We are attempting to create a workflow that would trigger everytime we have a completed meeting or connected call however, due to the nature of how the system forcefully does this is, when using a contact-based workflow it only sets up a condition that makes it so that it will only check if there is "atleast one" activity that passes this criterea. So what happens is, the workflow is never triggered for the second instance/log even if the reenrollment is enabled.


You can recreate this by creating a contact-based worklow and set the trigger to meeting outcome completed, enable reenrollment and add the task of storing the date of step in a date property.


even if you log multiple meetings then set them as completed one by one, the workflow will only register the contact for the first instance but never for the rest.


To fix this, we need to approach it similarly to how we fixed it on deals, create a workflow that can be based out of activity (separate from conversations, tickets, etc.).