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Access copy of marketing email a contact has received from contact timeline

We often send out marketing emails using contact propery tokens (e.g. first name last name) or dynamic content. After the email has been sent, the contact timeline is updated accordingly: "[CONTACT[ was sent [EMAIL NAME]". When clicking on [EMAIL NAME], the user is linked to the email performance section. However, today it is not possible to see the exact copy of the email the recipient actually received. This is especially important for sales people that are supposed to get in touch with the recipient. 


>>> In best case I would like to be able to access the exact copy of the email the contact actually received directly from the contact timeline (instead of or in addition to the link to the performance section)

>>> If this is not possible, please at least add a "View email as [CONTACT]" function to the email performance section (similar to the "Receive email as specific contact" function when doing email test sends). 

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You are able to click the link in the timeline to see the email, but you have to have marketing permissions because it opens the marketing email itself.


I agree that it would be nice for sales to see the content of the email, maybe when they click the link it opens the email preview in a pop up or hover window rather than leaving the timeline in a new tab/window.

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With smart content, personalisation tokens and new programmable email functionality - it is becoming very difficult to understand what has been sent to a contact.


This is causes problems with troubleshooting, supporting and selling to customers.


We would like to be able to click and preview the exact email sent to the contact from their timeline.


Note: I know that there is a preview function when editing emails, however, this is not a solution for Sales and Support Reps.

As you would have to provide them Email edit access + very complicated instructions + it still does not give you the exact email if tokens have changed, if the email has been triggered from an associated record, or if there is included associated object record programmatic information, etc.


I made a small utility library for this. Let me know if you still need.




It would be great if we could CC a specific inbox, or a specific property (e.g. Contact Owner / Company Owner / HubSpot Team / any e-mail property) to a marketing e-mail. This way, our teams would know what a customer  / prospect has received from marketing. 


Yes - I agree that this is needed! I'm trying to troubleshoot a workflow that apparently is triggering an email that uses personalization tokens but the customers are saying that they are getting default values.


Yes please! We are a nonprofit and would use this functionality for auditing purposes.


Specifically, I'd like to run a one-click export that would return PDFs or unique email links for each contact that received it so that we can download for our records. The unique/dynamic email links could also suit OP's purpose -- it would be great to have that in the contact record, too! 


Currently my option is to send the different test emails to myself and download from my inbox -- being unable to preview from the email performance page is definitely a miss. 


This would be a fabulous upgrade and very much needed. We have issues with this constantly and it seems like it would be such an easy fix by Hubspot. Hubspot, please upgrade this view! 🙂


I would find it beneficial to be able to view the personalisation tokens that were set within the marketing email that has been sent to a contact on the contact record timeline itself.

Would be nice to get a view of what exactly the recipients get on their end once you send them a marketing email.


I agree that it would be very useful to see the actual e-mail the contact receives on their timeline. When a customer contacts us because of a personalised e-mail we have sent, it's important for our employees to be able to see exactly what information the customer received. 


YES! Greatly needed! As previous poster wrote... I'd like to run a one-click export that would return PDFs or unique email links for each contact that received it so that we can download for our records.



+100000 this is a HUGE pain point for us (has been for years) -- would upvote 100 times if I could 🙏


How do we even verify that the personalization is even working without being able to see the email?  I want to verify that the email was sent from the contact owner. Is that possible?


@JGood it appears the only pay to test/view personaliation is during the message creation step. On the Edit Email page, you can click Actions -> Preview and on the Preview screen there is a Preview as a specific contact. 


I wish we could add a contact's email as a paramater to the preview URL and see the exact version they recieved. Is this really not possible to generate a preview email after the fact?


It is really needed as a proof of evidence for the legal perspective also. So please add this feature.


Agreed! Please add! Our team sends individual payment links to our customers and we would like to regularly audit to ensure the correct contact property is being sent to the correct contact. 


Really need this feature to verify how we are presenting ourselves to our contacts is as intended. This would also help with troubleshooting when personalization tokens don't get populated as intended.  


Agree! We use personalization and smart content on nearly every marketing email for quotes we provide. Our customer service team gets calls all the time and it's hard to triage beyond "can you email me the email you received so I can confirm the numbers?" This is also challenging from a troubleshooting perspective, because I have to trust that the contact is receiving the right email. Further, for compliance, eventually, we may have to keep a copy of every email in a customer's portfolio (we have over 1M customers). This would help tremendously.


I am consistently being asked by our sales team if it is possible to view the marketing emails that have been sent to our contacts. At the moment they can only see the subject line, but not the actual email. We'd simply like the subject line to open as a link to preview of the email so they can reference in calls etc.


I can't see any work around other than giving everyone full marketing access which is not an option nor necessary. I am suprised this is not already a feature as seems a pretty basic necessity. 


Any suggestions on work arounds welcomed. Thanks 


Yeah, they need to add being able to see the actual email that was sent to someone through automated marketing emails so you can quality check


Yes, Yes, Yes!  I'm getting the same requests all the time.  Our sales team wants to view the marketing emails so when they speak with the lead, they know what was sent.  This seems like a basic function but I can't figure out how to give them access to view only....I definitely don't want to give them all access to edit our marketing emails.