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Accept more decimals of cent values for product price



We were excited to see the Product Library feature. Sadly, we can't use it because it does not support fractional cents.


We need to quote $0.0250/minute (2.5 cents/minute) for usage of our product, but HubSpot rounds all dollar amounts two two decimal places ($0.03/minute in this case).


We'd prefer 4 decimal places, but we can live with three. Please HubSpot, might you consider supporting fractional cents? 




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Same as above, we work in the translation industry, and some of our fees are not exactly "round", e.g. we could you 0,065 or 0,123 for example. It looks small, but the difference if you multiply it by hundreds of words could be significant. So yep, we need this as well.


I see that when I add a product item that is charged at $0.025 i see that it rounds it up to $0.03. This can make a huge difference with bulk transaction fees. Is there a way that Hubspot doesn't round until the 3rd or 4th decimal?


We were entering some info under products in deals and pricing was listed say at  .086 and it's rounding up to .09.. how we can get all products not to round up and have 3 or more number options .xxx? We really need this! 


Currently creating products in the product libary. The pricing and cost fields are limited to the standard 2 decimal places. We have products that we charge £0.00X for. 

It would be nice if you could increase the imposed limit on the costing decimal place.  


We support pricing that is 4 digits,  to the right of the decimal.   This is very common in our industry and today we are unable to use many of the HubSpot features because of the limitation.  For example - we are not able to use the quoting feature as the price field does not reflect the actual price to the customer.


This is a great idea. 


This would be such a benefit! 

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We need this on discount percentages as well - otherwise after applying some discounts, we get rounding issues.


Typical example: a company will have a monthly fee and an annual fee. Paying annually gets 2 months free. So typical practice would be to discount the price by 8.333333%

But HubSpot rounds this to 8.33% which then results in annual costs that have a few cents over.

The workaround at the moment is to then create a flat fee discount line for the few cents, so that the total is a nice round number. But it's a clunky workaround.

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I have a client who really could use this feature - 3 decimal places to be allowed in unit pricing.


Use case:  My client sells packaging materials and very often they sell at minimum 1 million units. Hence a product unit price at $0.16 vs $0.167 at this quantity level makes a huge difference in the final price quoted to a contact.

With the current 2 decimal place limitation, my
 client will either have to round down which will affect their total sales or round up which could look costly to the contact who might end up ordering lesser. Hence this limitation has quite a bit of impact to my client and their customers. 

@dnelson- If you need more information on my client's use case, feel free to reach out. 




Agreed! This is a very important part of our pricing and quoting.


same for us, we would need to have 3 decimals for product sometimes and it is not allowed. I think the product library is quite restrictive and it definetely needs development to get to the level expected by the customers. 


We work with a service where the lowest price sometimes goes below of 0.01$, or the price adds a 3rd decimal such as 0.065$ When our SDR team has to send a quote and when the above mentioned happen, the quotation tool and products will automatically round up the showing price. Eg, for 0.065 it will round up to 0.07.


Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 14.47.40.pngScreenshot 2020-04-02 at 14.48.20.png




This causes a lot of confusion to our clients and they ask us to send our old excel quotations. 




By doing our quotations in excel we can not seamlessly work all the deals in Hubspot, and sometimes data is missed or misplaced. If this can be solved we would be able to work all our process within Hubspot 


Is it possible to look into this Hubspot team?


Thanks in advance



We need this ASAP!


I upvoted this idea too.

Anyone who uses bulk unit pricing, this is helpful to have.


Definite upvote for me.


It is a crucial piece of funcitonality for us, working in digital advertising.


We need it ASAP


We also need this funtion, please HubSpot!


It is a pity that we can fully use our CRM professional package and submit quotes to our clients using the deals in Hubspot, jus because no fractional value Smiley Sad Hopefully Hubspot team will support this soon!


Yes, that's something we need too! We are a supplier of labels. And we would need at least 10 numbers behind the comma to calculate the right price!


This kind of feature would be very helpful.


We have products, where we sometimes want to charge 1 unit. And sometimes 0,25 Units. a.s.o.


Please add decimal numbers as unit options for products. 


for now we have to add the same product with different value and mark it over the name as a different unit number.


This would be very useful for me! Sometimes I need more than 10 digits to the right of the decimal. Those 10 digits are important to get the right price.