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Ability to edit Net Promoter Score (NPS) question

Hi all,


currently it is not possible to edit the NPS question in the standard NPS tool or the custom survey tool. I am aware that the NPS questions is an industry-standard question and is thus not editable. Nevertheless, especially for B2B companies, the wording "friend or colleague" is not fitting. 


It would be useful if at least minor changes could be made to the question.


Currently we are re-buidling the NPS questions with the custom surveys tool as a workaround. The downside here is, that the NPS question can not be inserted in the email body, which causes a lower reply rate. So alternativley, it would be good, if you could insert a custom question in the email body in custom surveys (see also my other idea here: "Insert custom questions directly in the email body of custom surveys")


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