Getting Started on the Community

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Become a HubSpot Community Champion!

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Community Champions are an elite group of community users who are proven to be thought leaders and subject matter experts for certain tools in HubSpot, as well as best practices in their industry. 


You can find a Community Champion by looking for the community champion badge on their profile page, and by reviewing our “Community Champions of the Month” posts in our Advocates Spotlight section.


If you are interested in becoming a Community Champion, the first step is to be a consistent contributor in the HubSpot community. Membership is free and open to all community members. Once your user has been active for at least three months and reached the rank of “top contributor,” you will be eligible to be reviewed for the program*. A community manager will review your content and reach out with more information if you are providing assistance and thought leadership through your content in the community. 


For more information on the community champions program, check out this Community Champions program page. If you have any questions that are not discussed there, please feel free to ask your questions here. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start participating and become a Community Champion. 


*Please note that these are the baseline requirements to be considered as a Community Champion. Membership eligibility will be determined by the community team.