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Find your most highly engaged contacts to ensure a good quality first email from HubSpot. These contacts have interacted with your business in some way in the last 6 months, including:

  • Made a purchase from you
  • Spoke in person or at an event
  • Clicked or opened an email from you


You can import these contacts into HubSpot to create a new list. Be sure you know exactly how these contacts opted in, so you know they’re excited to hear about this upcoming content from you!

When you import your list of contacts, our import wizard will match up your column headings with contact properties. You can check out your Contacts Settings to see the default contact properties in HubSpot so you can label your columns to match.

Why is this important?

The better you know your audience, the more you can target your email content around the interests of your email recipients. When contacts are excited about the topic and are expecting to hear from you, there is a much better chance the email will be opened and clicked!


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Feel free to comment below with any tips/tricks you have for segementing contacts 🙂