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HubSpot Free Tools: E-mail, Forms, Pop-ups, and Ads

What's the #HubSpotFreeTools Launch and what does this mean for me and my students? 
The #HubSpotFreeTools launch is effective Tuesday, July 16. It encompasses 4 products that are moving from our paid level to our free level. These are: Ads, E-mail, Forms, and Conversations. Previously, these tools were included in our Starter Package, or higher, which is valued at $50 USD a month. 
What's that mean? 
With the e-mail tool, your students will be able to use a drag-and-drop editor to make beautiful marketing e-mails, then track how those who receive the emails interact with them with our fancy analytics tools. Providing e-mails and marketing tools with the CRM, which we provide for free already, is the perfect pairing because it lets you leverage what you know about your customers' journey to provide truly personalized marketing.
If you're used to using MailChimp or any other HubSpot integration for e-mails, you can decide on whether you'd like to continue doing this. We do have a few advantages on Mailchimp, including sales and service tools, a CMS with SEO, a CRM, social tools, and more supported languages (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese)
With the ads tool, you'll get access to Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn Ads. You'll be able to see which contacts have interacted with them too, which is something most ad platforms can't do... and we're giving it to you for free! 
Forms and Pop-ups
A full suite of conversation tools will be at your disposal (including forms that are not branded) and pop-ups whenever someone visit your site.
Conversational Marketing Tools
You'll be able to bring live chat and Facebook Messenger into your website. 
How will this effect me in the classroom? 
    Understanding how each of a business' marketing actions work together is critical to it's success. To help a business grow better, students need to understand the big picture of how marketing tactics affect prospects, eliminate those which cause friction, and create a more cohesive customer experience. We think this Free Tools launch will bring them closer to that. 
  • For a lesson on all of these new tools and to get started working on them, take a look at this course, which we've made specifically for this launch.
  • If you're used to using our HubSpot Professional Version, you won't see any changes. If you want access to HubSpot's Professional Version, which you get for free as part of being an Education Partner, follow our directions here by submitting your HUB ID.


This is great - I want to learn more! 


We have several resources if you want to learn more


Let's chat! 


How will this change how you use our oftware in your courses? Any questions or comments about this change? Let's chat! 
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Academy Team
Academy Team

HubSpot Free Tools: E-mail, Forms, Pop-ups, and Ads

Not sure how to leverage these free tools to start nurturing and managing relationships with your leads, prospects and customers? We have you covered:


With this lesson you'll learn how to start, nurture, and manage relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers with the HubSpot CRM and free marketing tools.


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