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Getting Started with Marketing Hub Starter

Getting Started with Marketing Starter


Help unlock the potential of Marketing Hub Starter- Use the Marketing tools to grow your website traffic, attract and convert leads, and prove ROI with HubSpot’s software.  


Begin gaining knowledge by engaging in some of our Academy courses to get you started understanding and using the tools.: These free courses will help you adapt to the vast Marketing tool and build your understanding of the platform.



Invite your team to join HubSpot. Set each user’s permission levels and create teams.:
Adding users and setting the correct permissions will allow your usage of the tool to flow seamlessly. 



Set your tracking code.: Even if you do not host your website in HubSpot, you can still monitor your externally hosted website traffic by installing the tracking code:

Learn how to manage your Marketing Contacts. Understanding Marketing contacts within HubSpot will help you keep your budget where it needs to be and be aware of who you can effectively market to.


Get your Marketing efforts started by setting up your Emails correctly.: Authenticating and setting subscription types will set your email health up for success first, then you can create emails within HubSspot to send to your contacts.


Create forms and use simple automation.: Use HubSpot forms to capture user information, which you can then access throughout HubSpot. Turn on simple automation features such as sending a follow-up email to a contact or sending automatic internal email notifications to other HubSpot users.



Connect and use Ad accounts.:  Ads are an effective way to reach more leads than you would organically.


Reach more contacts using Blogs.: Use our Blog builder to easily post blogs. The HubSpot Blog tool is highly user-friendly. With a simple drag-and-drop format, even novice users won’t feel overwhelmed.



Start Reporting in Marketing Hub.:  There are many ways to report on your marketing endeavors. Learn how to set up your account for successful reporting and give you valuable insights on your marketing efforts.



If you’re finding yourself spending more time managing your marketing tools and not feeling like you’re getting enough out of what you’re spending, HubSpot is a great way to help you boost your productivity and do the things that really matter with your valuable time.