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Semi-gated for pdf?

Hello all, I have a lot of pre-made content in pdf, which was earlier fully gated. I wanted to open up some pieces and make them semi-gated, with 2 first pages of the pdf being visible and the rest gated. Is there an easy way of doing it (preferrably keeping the files in pdfs)? Working in webflow if that's relevant.

Thanks in advance!

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Semi-gated for pdf?

not sure if you got this answered yet.

"website visitors can see only 1-2 pages of the pdfs and to get the full file they need to fill in the form. Do you know if it is possible? Thanks!"

Possible Solution:

1. Set up page with the 1-2 pdf link and form.
2. After person fills out form and submit, redirect them to a page with the full pdf.
Note: Check "exclude this page..." box on the page with full pdf. Also in <head> tag custom code area, add 

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

to prevent search engines from finding it. Good Luck!
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Semi-gated for pdf?

Hi @MW7,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

If I understand correctly, this content will be displayed on your website which is built with Webflow? 


I found this article on the Webflow forum which might be helpful: [TUTORIAL] Integrating MemberStack for gated content

If this won't help, I'd recommend creating a post on the Webflow forum!



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Semi-gated for pdf?

Hi! Thank you for your answer! That’s not really what I meant. Yes the website is in webflow, but the content (pdfs) would remain on hubspot. I can of course have forms which take the person to a thank you page with content, but what I mean is that I would want to semi-gate it, so that website visitors can see only 1-2 pages of the pdfs and to get the full file they need to fill in the form. Do you know if it is possible? Thanks!

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Semi-gated for pdf?

Not familiar with exactly how you would embed with webflow, but create a second pdf that contains the two pages. Embed that on your webpage/landing page. Create your form as a pop-up CTA that appears after they have scrolled "x% of the content" to invite them to "read more", or "get the rest." Once the form is submitted, you can take them to the full document file in HubSpot and amke it available for viewing or for download as you choose. You can also extend the workflow to enroll them in a sales sequence for personalized follow up as well!