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Guide | Diamond Partner

Welcome to the HubSpot CMS for Marketers Study Group!

Hey there! Welcome to the HubSpot CMS for Marketers Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please reply in the comments section at the bottom of this page. 


Creating an account


In order to become a member of this group and engage with its members, you’ll need to create an account. Signing up is easy, you only have to choose your username. To create an account, click “Sign In” at the top of the page to get started.




Joining the Study Group

To join this Study Group, click this link (which will open in a new window)


Below the Groups banner to the right, you'll see an orange prompt that says "Join group". Click that button to join the Study Group. 




Enabling notifications

Group members will also get exclusive access to networking opportunities and live events focused on learning and connecting with their peers and Professors from the HubSpot Academy team. To make sure you don’t miss these opportunities, click the “Options” button next to the "Join group" button and click “Subscribe”.




Engaging with others

This Study Group is made up of discussion threads where ideas or questions are shared and people can engage with each other. You can either:

  • Join an ongoing conversation.
  • Start a new one.

Joining an ongoing conversation

If you see an ongoing conversation that interests you, then you can click into it to learn more and see what others have to say. If you see a response that you like, then give it a like by clicking "Upvote". If you have something to share, then you can do so by clicking “Reply”.

Think of every interaction you make as an opportunity to make a new connection and grow your network. Share your ideas and expertise and don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s why we’re all here.


**One request from us, please be respectful to others with your response. Remember, we’re all in this together. Click here to read the guidelines for this Study Group. 

Starting a new conversation

Have an idea for a new discussion you’d like to start? Click the orange “Create post” button (where the orange "Join group" button existed before you became a member of the Study Group). 




You’ll be prompted to add a:

  • Subject line
  • Content for the body of your post.


Filling in the subject line

In the Subject line, we recommend keeping this short and specific. Think “what do you want people to know or do?” Your subject line is what will prompt people to join your discussion.


**Pro tip: Think of the subject line like the title of a blog post, how can you make it interesting to attract people?

Filling in the content for the body of the post

What do you want to communicate in your post? What type of conversation would you like to start? This can be as short or long as you like. You can add your message into the body of the post editor.


Here are a few pro tips to consider:

  • If it’s relevant, add an image to your post. Using images can bring context to what you’re talking about.
  • Make it a best practice to either start or end your post with a question that prompts members of the group. Think of this as starting a new conversation, because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Benefits of becoming a group member

The biggest perk of being a member of this Group is attending any of our upcoming live events. To learn more about upcoming live events click the “Upcoming Events” link found on the right side of the Study Group page.


Introducing yourself to the Study Group

Once you join the Study Group, click here to introduce yourself. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the HubSpot CMS for Marketers Study Group!

So excited to see this come to life, @gabriel-nextiny! 😄

Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

Welcome to the HubSpot CMS for Marketers Study Group!

Thanks @ericajfinley for all the support! Very exciting!