When should I create multiple deal pipelines in HubSpot CRM?

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HubSpot deal boards are awesome. They are highly visual and Trello-like, so you may be tempted to create multiple deal boards, use the boards for project management, or even start adding your leads in.

While it’s certainly not wrong to create multiple boards for mixed use, note that the deal boards are intended to track your sales – particularly, any revenue opportunities for your business.

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Deal = Revenue Opportunity = a potential dollar exchange your business may receive for a product or service.

So then, when should you create multiple deal pipelines in HubSpot CRM?
Your deal pipeline helps track those opportunities and uses Deal Stages to help you codify your sales cycle. Assuming your sales cycle remains relatively the same across all products or services you sell, you should only have one deal pipeline.

Here are some examples of when you might consider having multiple pipelines:


1. You are selling multiple product lines wherein the process for selling each or some of those products is different (i.e. your sales cycle is different across products)
2. You are selling a product AND a service and they require separate sales processes to close as business


In lieu of creating multiple pipeline when selling multiple products or when selling a product AND a service, I recommend creating a custom deal property and store this data specifically on the deal itself.

Trust me, having ONE deal pipeline is way easier to manage and is a lot cleaner when it comes to reporting even though having multiple may make you feel like you’re making more money!

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HubSpot Product Team

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The problem with that recommendation is that your dashboard then becomes quite limited.  For example, your dashbaord has a global filter by pipeline.  So if you want to quickly view your reports for different product lines, you can switch pipeline.