Updating Company Records via CSV


Matching by domain names and deduping is a really bad way to do it and does not work for the most basic tasks of list management.  What if I have multiple company locations with the same web address?  What if my clients don't have web addresses?

It seems really silly that the system assigns a unique company ID, I can export this ID as part of the company file in CSV, then make my changes to the CSV file en masse, but I cannot re-upload the file to match against that unique identifier?  That is headshakingly silly and would take about 4 hours of code to fix.

I can't believe I actually have to suggest this, but could you please enhance the upload process so it can append/ammend data to existing accounts based the unique company ID that the system generates?

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Hi @spk1212


We've been talking about this today on another thread as it happens (https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Contacts-Companies-Deals/Importing-Company-s-Without-Domain-Names/m...).


I suggest posting your suggestion to the ideas forum, if a simialr one hasn't been created already, as I sense it would get some traction. 


Hope this helps.

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There are two options where you can do this currently:


1. Use HubSpot API 

2. Use 3rd party tool


The easiest is to use Import2 Wizard (we've done this type of update successfully for many HubSpot users in the forums already). 


There's a guide with the exact steps for a company field update covered here: https://community.import2.com/t/regularly-update-our-hubspot-company-data-from-external-sources-that...


I hope this helps! If you're looking for something else, or want some help with the first update, feel free to message me direct.