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    • Hi, Inveitably vendors get into our leads workflow. Does it make sense to create a "Vendor" option to filter them out? Or do you just leave them as "--" (the unset option)? Thanks more
    • Hello, we are a technology consulting firm and sometimes we produce whitepapers, brochures and such for our prospect customers. We don't want our assets to be downloaded by our competitors. We would like to have a step between the form submission and the asset download. Like a request access to the file. So far, we have been doing it by creating a contact property for each asset. For example "Whitepaper 1 access" with the options Yes and No. more
    • We are looking to split companies between the B2B Sales and B2C Sales. Example: we have a retail customer Elkjøp who carries our consumer products instore/online as well as offfers our B2B solutions. This company has different POCs at our company and it would need to be split so both teams have all their relevant information, they do not have any overlap. Is there a good way to set this up to have only relevant company information for e more
    • Our team is wondering if there is a way to customize what is searchable in the search bar at the company level. We have "DBA" as a custom property. Our client's legal entity name is the "Company Name." Is it possible to search by a custom property? Thanks for any and all feedback! more
    • I am currently auditing a client's Lists and proposing some best practices and organization structure to help them keep their portal clean, useful, and efficient. The bulk of their current lists (not many, about 160) have been created for either: Sending an email Testing something Produced by an email or workflow As I have started my audit and am making suggestions, and doing research to how others think about this, it bring more

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CharlotteJ on January 17, 2022
One of the best ways to learn is by doing and sharing with other new HubSpot Sales Hub users, just like you. That’s why we’re so excited about this space to learn and grow better together! To get started, say hello and introduce you read more
49 Replies
CharlotteJ on December 14, 2021
Welcome to our Community-enabled onboarding program! In this introductory video we will be guiding you through the very first steps to successfully start your journey with theSales Hub of Hubspot. We will notably talk about how to set up read more
hubspot1241235r on February 03, 2023
I have set rules for my users to access only those contacts owned by them. Yesterday, one of the user was unable to access any of his contact. I had to resort to giving him access to all contacts instead of owned in my settings. After that, he was a read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
February 03, 2023
Hi @hubspot1241235r , This is very likely the same issue as discussed here: more
ArdenM on February 03, 2023
Hey folks! I'm trying to use a Custom Code Action to generate a date 60 days from the date of workflow execution, and then copy that to a date picker property (using the copy value to property action). However, no matter what format I set the date a read more
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JulietaOrtizK11 on February 03, 2023
Hey community! I'm trying to find a way to measure the sales hub impact vs mkt hub efforts , for that I thought a good way was to create a list to find every contact in HubSpot for which a sales hub user has logged Sales Hub email, phone or L read more
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eschriger510 on February 03, 2023
Hi, New post. Tried to see if I could find something related and couldn't so apoligies in advance if I'm repetetive. I'm trying to build out a pipeline table that displays details about last and next activity details related to a deal. I can s read more
TinaOtt on February 03, 2023
Hey There, I'm trying to find a way to associate 2 company records with each other. Both records ultimately represent the same company - 1 record is from before the company rebranding and 1 after. We need to keep 2 separate records and historica read more
1 upvote
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
February 03, 2023
@TinaOtt Would it work to have the new re-branded Company as the parent company, and the old instance as the child company? That's the only way I' more
PHarmon on February 03, 2023
The contact list from Woodpecker is not completely syncing with HubSpot. Out of 2421, only 637 were considered, either being synced or excluded. See screenshot below, what will be best next steps?
1 upvote
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
February 03, 2023
@PHarmon next step to me would be to look at the 614 records excluded to see why. Does it have to do with emails? Are the 614 contact records in more