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Community Manager

Community website updates: October 2020



We are excited to announce that the HubSpot Community will be launching a few new and improved features later this week (October 1, 2020). While we have introduced new functionalities in the past, this release will include many new features at once, and we want to make sure you are set up for success in using these tools.


Over the next several weeks, we’ll spotlight the new features and give you insider tips and tricks for how to use them, but to get started, here is a full list of all the new features you’ll see soon! 


1. Inline replies


With this new feature, you’ll be able to reply to posts without leaving the page you’re on. Additionally, if you want to add a new comment to the conversation, there is a reply option at the bottom of the page, allowing you to contribute to the conversation without replying to a specific user. 


Status: Live to all users.


What does this mean? 

You can reply to threads without navigating to a new page. You'll have the option to reply to a specific post, or to the general conversation.


What to expect:





2. Threaded replies


Perhaps one of our most requested features, users will now be able to view conversations with a threaded format. 


Status: To enable this feature, you can navigate into your settings > preferences > display > select threaded reply format. Here's a direct link to the settings page, too.


If you choose linear reply format, your experience will remain as it currently is, with all posts showing without indentation. 


What to expect:





What does this mean? 


You’ll be able to view which comments are responses to which questions without having to map dates and times from certain users. If you want to follow up with a user, you can reply directly to their post, which will indent your reply. 


3. Related Content 


If you’ve ever arrived on a forum conversation and thought “close, but not quite what I’m looking for” the related content feature is for you! Currently living at the bottom of the discussion, the Related content option will surface similar conversations that may be of interest to you. 


Status: Live to all users


What does this mean? 


The related content module will surface more content to you without you having to search or leave the screen you’re on. 


What to expect:




4. Language switcher 


If you’re an avid user in multiple Communities, you know the experience for navigating between the communities was cumbersome. This feature solves that problem by bringing the language switcher function into the Community while you are logged in. 


Status: Live to all users


What does this mean? 


You’ll be able to browse and engage in multiple Communities with the click of a button!


What to expect: 





5. Private Messages


Private Messages has moved from 2012 into 2020 with a more organized appearance and the ability to search your messages. You can also direct message multiple users at once, and attach files to your direct messages. 


Please remember that all content shared, and usage in, through the private message tool must meet the Community’s terms of use. 


Status: Live to all users


What does this mean? 


You can now send a direct message to multiple users, search direct messages, and manage them with ease. 


What to expect:




6. Follow button on Ideas 


Earlier this summer we introduced the ‘follow’ button on Community posts. Now, we’re bringing it to the ideas forum. If you want to follow along with an idea, just click “follow” and you’ll receive email updates for the idea. 


You will also only be able to follow the original Idea post, as all conversation will be in direct response to the original idea.


Status: Live to all users. 


What does this mean? 


If you want to receive updates on an idea, follow the idea for updates. 


What to expect: