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Community Manager

Meet the Champion of the month: February 2022

Hi Community, 


I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for February 2022 is… 





Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 11.56.00.png 


Romy has been in the Community since May 2018 sharing her knowledge in the DACH Community and she was our 1st Champion for the DACH Community!

Romy shared here some insight about what she does in her free time and with whom she would like to have dinner.


What makes Romy our Community Champion of the Month? 

Romy has authored 132 solutions accepted and he has received 463 upvotes so far! If you need help with the implementation and integration of new and existing systems, Romy is the right Champion for you! Her expertise are mainly Marketing (Makerting Authomation) and Sales Hub

If you speak german you can attend to her upcoming HUG event (March 24)


If you see her around the Community, say congrats! If one of her solutions answers your question, give her an upvote. And if you’re lucky enough to have her answer your question, accept her solution. 


Congratulations Romy! We are so happy to have you in our Community and keep learning with you! 






Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner



Congrats @RomyFuchs1  🎉

Community Manager
Community Manager

Danke  @RomyFuchs1& Glückwunsch!! 💛🙂


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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Thank you very much. I am very pleased.

Member | Diamond Partner
Member | Diamond Partner

Congrats, Romy! I am very happy to learn from you and work together with you! It's a pleasure!


Wow, this is beautiful Romy from you we study and learn 


Wow 😳😳😳😳😳

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@sharonlicari  nice one!