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Gestionnaire de communauté

Congratulations Karsten Köhler on 7000 Accepted Solutions


Please join us in congratulating @karstenkoehler on 7000 Accepted Solutions in the HubSpot Community.


Karsten 2k solutions.png


Karsten’s extensive contributions within the HubSpot Community deserve recognition as he has broken a record by authoring an unprecedented 7,000 solutions. His noteworthy accomplishments do not stop there, he has also written over 10,000 replies and received over 15,000 upvotes.


His exceptional efforts, commitment, and expertise are evident through his numerous high-quality responses given to our community members. Additionally, he regularly hosts AMAs and attends Champions Reunions, demonstrating his passion for sharing his knowledge and feedback to our team.


Karsten has had a significant impact in the HubSpot Community, and we are grateful for his invaluable contributions. He has made a positive difference in the lives of many users, and we acknowledge everything he does to help make the Community a better and fun place.


We are so grateful for Karsten’s dedication as an exceptional Community Champion and celebrate him on this incredible achievement.

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