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Update Tasks via Zapier

Hi Everyone, 


My SDRs are struggling with a continuously growing amount of tasks.

I helped them reduce their stock, however, they still have a lot on their plate.

Another option we envision is to help them focus on the most valuable tasks by setting the priority: "High", "Medium", "Low". The priority is related to our prospecting activities and can be updated on a regular basis.


The trigger is in Salesforce based on the Account tiering, account technographic, and the buyer personas profile.


I checked out and it seems there is no other option to update a task than an API call via the PATCH method.


I rely on Zapier > API Request (Beta) in HubSpot zap.

I can successfully search for a contact/task with the Get method.


But when I try the PATCH method (see my API Request below)


I receive the following error message


I tried to pass the API token in the header, but it failed.


Did you succeed in patching a task or a contact in Hubspot via Zapier? how?


My Bests,



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Thought Leader | Diamond Partner

Update Tasks via Zapier

@NGUILLON7 I would suggest asking this question in the Developer discussion, tagging it as API so it reaches members of the community who are best able to help with this type of question.


Maybe @DianaGomez or @kvlschaefer can help with moving the thread?


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Update Tasks via Zapier

Hi @Jnix284,


Thank you for tagging me in this conversation 🙂 

I'll move it to our Developer Forum and add @Jaycee_Lewis to this conversation to see if can bring in some subject matter experts to this conversation. 



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