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HubSpot Developer Community Forum Migration Announcement

Hi Everyone --

Beginning on January 7, the developer forums will be migrated from integrate.hubspot.com to community.hubspot.com --- the same platform as the HubSpot customer and CMS developer forums. The migration will conclude on January 29th, when the integrate.hubspot.com will be turned to read-only.

We're mindful that many of you are developing on both the HubSpot CMS and APIs, and navigating to separate forums for answers or to collaborate with other developers is a pain. With this consolidation, you'll have a more consistent and centralized experience, and all developer support will now be tied to your HubSpot account, allowing our teams to provide faster support overall.

The migration will take place over the next few weeks. Everything you need to know in order to make the transition is below.

So, what does this mean?

  • If you already HAVE a profile on community.hubspot.com - you do not need to do anything at this time. We will be matching the profiles from your current developer forums to your HubSpot Community profiles by email address. Your developer forum posts from integrate.hubspot.com will be auto-migrated and attached to your HubSpot ID in our new API & Developers forum on January 29, 2019.

  • If you DO NOT have a HubSpot Community profile:

    • Step 1) please first make sure you have a HubSpot account. This is required to create a profile on the HubSpot Community. You can set up a free HubSpot Developer account here: https://developers.hubspot.com/.
    • Step 2) Once you have a HubSpot account you can create a HubSpot Community account on community.hubspot.com by clicking Sign Into Community. On the 29 of January Content migrated over from our integrate forums will include all of your existing: threads, comments, pictures, code snippets etc.
  • If you DO NOT have a HubSpot account (whether CRM, Developer, etc.) by the end of the day on January 28, 2019, then your posts will still be migrated but they will not be auto-associated or accessible by your HubSpot Community profile (even if you currently have a community profile or create one in the future). To avoid being unable to access your content, please make sure you have some level of a HubSpot account (including CRM or a developer account) by 5 pm ET on January 28, 2019. To get a HubSpot account, you can set up a free HubSpot Developer account here: https://developers.hubspot.com/.

On January 29, 2019
The forums will then switch to read-only and we will start redirecting users and switching the navigation to our new forums on to encourage new users to start in our unified forum experience.

If you have any questions, you can reply to the message or contact our support team in this thread. Thank you and we hope everyone will enjoy this faster, and more centralized developer support experience in 2019!

Thank you,

  • The HubSpot Developer Support Team
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HubSpot Developer Community Forum Migration Announcement

How will the migration know to match my Community account (work email address) with my account here (gmail address)?