Dynamic link on CTA in email



I try to add a CTA with a dynamic link (with custom parameters like id or token).
I integrated the link on the CTA like this : http://www.mywebsite.com?token={{customer.token}}
But the parameter is not present when it goes live.

I try to do it in a simple link directly in the email and it works.
So I can use an image and add a dynamic link on it, but I can’t know on which CTA the user clicked. I just know he clicked in the email.

How can I use a dynamic link on CTA in an email ?
If it’s not possible, how ca I track which link is clicked in the email ?


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Hi @Matthieu_Brau,

It’s not currently possible to add personalization tokens to CTAs. This is due to the way CTAs are constructed and added to marketing emails. As you’ve discovered, you can add personalization tokens into images & links in your email, which is what I would recommend here. You can track specific link clicks in a marketing email through the email’s performance tab: