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Event tokens in workflows

We have a custom app that sends timeline events which we then in turn use as workflow triggers.

Our events send a number of tokens. We can see and branch inside of the workflow based on these tokens. Once we do the branching we'd like to assign the value of one of these tokens to a Contact property. However, the only "variables" we can assign to Contact fields are actually other Contact fields, none of the tokens (or the event for that matter) appear as value in the set property step. Once again, we can see the tokens in the "if" step and branch based on their values.


Is it possible in HubSpot when an event triggers a workflow to assign the value of the event tokens to other objects, like Contact properties?

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Event tokens in workflows

Hey @hsDeveloper ,


do you have an Operations Hub Pro license? With this you could create a Custom Code Action that pulls out the data and passes is it back into the WF as tokens which you then can use else were.