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You Need RevOps If You Want Company Growth

You Need RevOps If You Want Company Growth

By: Christina Kay, VP Marketing @ ResellerRatings


If you are reading this, I imagine you are either interested in doing RevOps or were handed the keys and were told “GO”.


And I am here to tell you… 




RevOps is the nucleus of operations (marketing/sales/customer success). When I am creating processes and streamlining tech, I think of the mice from Cinderella 


**what it feels like once it is groovin’**




By the end of this, I hope you have some inspiration to start or enhance your RevOps at your company! 


#1 You will have competitive advantages! 

RevOps is happening at your company whether you know it or not. It might not be humming and dancing along, but it is happening. 


You need to prioritize RevOps. 


This looks like this:

  • Single source of truth 
  • ☺ employees and customers
  • Data-driven decision making 
  • Better cross-team collaboration
  • Shorter sales cycles 

Because if you don’t, it will look more like this:

  • Lack of data surrounding prospects/customers 
  • Responsibility falls on the wrong people 
  • Low platform adoption 
  • Decreased cross-team collaboration 
  • **bleep** reporting and insights 
  • Stunted growth 
  • Customer experience ☹

Who doesn’t love all of that plus consistency and a centralized process for everything that pushes revenue?


#2 Ownership

There should be someone at your company owning your operations - don’t make this decision too late.


The right skill fit will get you mountains more than just going with someone who is most senior. 


Skills >> Title


Look for people who love to work in certain techs that you use and have them own it or own an area of it. For example, I love MarTech and I own our processes in all of our technologies. I work with each team to create the best environment for everyone. For example, I sit on sales calls and see what reps are doing in the platform or out of the platform. From those meetings, I add modules, reports, workflows, etc. to help everyone on the team have a clear view of prospects and customers. 


#3 You Don’t Need the New Tech Because It is New and Shiny

Having a successful RevOps engine requires you to take a good look at what you are paying for and what those technologies do. I created a spreadsheet that broke down each function of our business and what everyone is using. And I saw so many overlaps… which is extremely common. Now that you know that, do something about it-- I promise your leadership will be happy that you are coming with a plan to save money but also execute more effectively. 


P.s. If you send me a message on LinkedIn, I will share my spreadsheet, so you don’t have to recreate the wheel 🙂 


P.p.s. I recently spoke on all of this at a B2B HubSpot User Group event and I drive in more so take a listen (I highlight HubSpot’s Ops Hub a lot if you are a new user of it).