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[MAY 20] Closed | Live AMA on Customer Advocacy Automations w/ Eugenia Pirotsky

Join our Live AMA w/ Eugenia Pirotsky on Automation Blueprints for Customer Advocacy


Two weeks ago HubSpot released a video series in which go-to-market leaders explain how they have successfully automated their GTM strategy using HubSpot Automations. You can find that series here


We've invited one of those leads in the community for an Ask Me Anything. Joining us is @Eugenia to talk more about the Customer Advocacy automations she and her team have implemented at HubSpot. 

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About Eugenia

Eugenia Pirotsky is a business leader with many years of experience and has a proven track record of building high-impact customer-centric programs. As a principal marketing manager at HubSpot, one of her most recent projects at HubSpot was setting up customer advocacy for scale with automation. Her automation blueprint delves into the hows and whys of creating a scalable advocacy program with feedback surveys.


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