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[MAY 13] Closed | Live AMA on Sales Enablement and Sales Prospecting Automations

Hi everyone,


Last week HubSpot released a video series in which go-to-market leaders explain how they have successfully automated their GTM strategy using HubSpot Automations. You can find that series here


We've invited two of those leaders in the community for an Ask Me Anything. Joining us are Rachel Leist and Jordan Pritikin to talk more about the sales enablement and sales prospecting automations they and their teams have implemented. 


About Rachel

Rachel Leist is the senior marketing director for Automation and Demand generation where she oversees all types of marketing automation, from email marketing to conversational marketing. She’s had a long and successful career at HubSpot starting in 2011 running events & PR, growing all the way to senior director.


The blueprint Rachel talks about revolves around sales enablement, specifically how to enable better sales conversations with HubSpot workflows.


About Jordan

Jordan Pritikin is the head of the Email and Growth Marketing Team at HubSpot where he and his team are in charge of crafting unique and interesting automated email experiences to drive growth for HubSpot and their customers. Jordan too has been at HubSpot for a long time. He's started in 2014 in the role of senior support engineer.


Jordan's automation blueprint is about sales prospecting and how email marketing can help you scale prospecting 


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Please leave your questions in the comment section below!

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[MAY 13] Closed | Live AMA on Sales Enablement and Sales Prospecting Automations