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    • Hello, We're now in the process of migrating data from an ole Marketing Pro hub to a new Enterprise one. Is it possible to export note and one-to-one emails from the old CRM in order to import them to the new portal? Thanks ...read more
    • Hi! I have need to create form for handling customer orders etc. Cannot use any payments options because they are not valid here in Finland. But need to get solution where: Customer choose correct line items and give amount information with form. ...read more
    • I'm trying to export the timestamp associated with contact creation. Most of our leads are through paid media, I'd like to look at the created date and model out what dates/times of the ads converts best. Is there a way to export contacts cre ...read more
    • Hi Forum - first time posting here. We migrated to HubSpot ~1 year ago and are loving it. We use our CRM instance regularly, but there are definitely some best practices we should implement. We go to market through independent resellers and manufac ...read more
    • Hi HS Community, My company has been using HubSpot for close to two years. It works great for our Sales Development team, but it is not a great fit for our Sales team as it sits. Our industry's sales process is pretty unique and in order for H ...read more
    • Is there a way to track who specifically clicked on a CTA? I'm not talking about how many clicks. I was asked if it was possible to see who clicked on the CTA to get to a specific form on our site. That way we can compare who clicked on the CTA to t ...read more
    • Hi All! I am hoping that this isn't a silly question, as I don't feel that this thought is too outside the box... I am looking for some insight on how to best incorporate specific emails into lead scoring so that it may be scalable for the buyi ...read more
    • Hi everyone, I've hit a bit of a wall here while trying to think up a solution for an issue we are having with our web forms. We have partners who resell out product. When they successfully resell our product, they have a unique web form s ...read more
    • Hi all, Background I have around 10 different workflows for when someone requests different guides on my website, the form fill triggers a copy of the guide to be sent via email too. Change to current process I am now thinking of ...read more
    • Hello, HubSpot community, I'm using HubSpot forms for newsletter signups and for a contact form. I'm also using GA 4 for analytics. I'm kind of a noob at all this. What should I track in GA, and how do I set it up? A point in the right direction ...read more
    • Hello everyone, I'd like to find out whether this is possible and if so, how do I achieve this. We have a Form set up, which when submitted, creates a ticket and sends an automated email response to client via Workflow. Is it possible to ...read more
    • Hello everyone, I tried to export the "Time to close" property which is the amount of time from the ticket create date to the ticket end date to the CSV file (picture one). Picture 1 Instead of getting the duration of time like the f ...read more
    • Hi guys, I'm facing one issue I can't sort it out. I'm setting our HubSpot with an Help Desk pipeline: when an user has a problem and he want our help desk fix it, he send a mail to a certain address. Hubspot, automatically, creates a ticke ...read more
    • Hey, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to send a message that will pop up while chatting. instead of asking for feedback on chat messages that require the user to stay connected and actually answer me, I want it to be a pop-up - easier to ...read more
    • Hello, I'm trying to create a ticket property that creates unique Sequential ticket Numbers. The field ideally needs to be a mixture of letters and numbers for example: RMA-2021-001 RMA-2021-002 RMA-2021-003 RMA-2021-004 I c ...read more
    • The accepted answer to triggering workflows on associations seems to be (from many community posts and discussions with my HS technical implementation consultant) to have a property to COUNT the number of associations. You then trigger the workflo ...read more
    • Hi all, Working with a client on setting up the native integration between HS and SFDC. Is it possible to set up the selective sync so that opportunities in the first two stages of the SF pipeline are synced to HS as SQLs and the latter stages ar ...read more
    • Hello! I am working on gathering intelligence from associated deals on the company level. What I am trying to do is get an accurate number of total number of paid licenses for a company, when they've purchased users across multiple deals. What I ...read more
    • Do you guys know if we have a history tracking table in Salesforce? Similar to this: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.tracking_field_history.htm&type=5 Thanks a ton. ...read more
    • I have a working custom-coded workflow action that finds a Deal with a property value matching the value of the Contact's property. It succesfully associates the Deal with the Contact. I would like to assign an association label as well, but I can' ...read more

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Hi Community, I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for November 2022 is… 2022年11月の月間チャンピオンを発表します... @marykashima Mary has been a Community Champion since February 2021, sharing her knowledge mostly in the Japanese forums, active in pretty much all the boards in the Japanese community ! Maryさんは2021年2月からコミュニティー・チャンピオンとして、主に日本語のフォーラムで知識を共有...

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