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    • I'd like to create a "Marketing Notes" property and have a record of all those property changes easily seen by our sales team. They won't go into the property history for each one. Example: Lead Downloaded Asset #1 on Dec 12 2020 Marketin ...read more
    • I'm looking for best practices or strategy on form creation and organization. What has and has not worked for you? Do you create a form per page, campaign, buying stage? ...read more
    • Hi, I'm trying to setup an marketing event and it's offline one, the tricky part is that how can i track the attendance records that come to my event? Should i use a third party software? And if so, i want to make sure that the attendance records a ...read more
    • Hope the Subject is clear enough for the discussion. Here is a detailed scenario: 1. You get a prospective Client. 2. Task assigned is monthly-based SEO with new keyword suggestions. 3. You do your homework and find that domain name and product ...read more
    • Hi, How can I build a report based on customer Activity and journey. So I want to see on a report what they have done in the past as per their Activity. Then I want to see all the contacts plotted on a chart. At high level, filter by date, d ...read more
    • Hi, we are also searching for a better solution for sending reminder emails to contacts which haven't conducted our survey yet. This list option may have been a solution before the iOS 15 Update came across. Is there a solution to also send reminder ...read more
    • Hi there, On our website we are using a chatbot to ask users a few questions to figure out what they are interested in. After responding to those questions we ask for an email then pass along the chat to a member of the inbox. If the members of ...read more
    • Hi folks! 👋 We've just launched a tool called Super SLA ( https://supersla.com ) and would love you to try it out and give us any feedback. It lets you: Set per company, source or pipeline SLA rules for your tickets Get warned via ...read more
    • We are looking to build out a resource center with downloadable items just like the hubspot one found here: https://www.hubspot.com/resources Is there a component of HubSpot that allows for this type of functionality outside of the blog? With ...read more
    • Hello, I would like for a main welcome message chatbot to ask the contact that lands on our page what their role is (ex. job seeker, hiring manager, consultant, etc.) and then forward them to the appropriate chatbot assigned to that role. I bel ...read more

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Hi Community, I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for April 2022 is… @Stephanie-OG Stephanie has been in the Community since 2018 sharing her knowledge in the CMS board in the Dev Forums. What makes Stephanie our Community Champion of the Month?   Stephanie has authored 108 solutions accepted and she has received 296 upvotes so ...

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