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Cristina McIntire

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mbarba en Febrero 16, 2022
You've probably heard it said a million times that data-driven decisions are the best decisions. However, creating and keeping good data isn’t always an easy thing to come by. There are three main areas you need to invest in Leer más
Junio 30, 2022
Step by step plans of each process that makes the company work -documented well enough so anyone can come in and pick each procedure up as a new hi...Leer más
KyleJepson en Julio 11, 2021
Sales processes vary a lot from industry to industry and even team to team. Do you have a long sales cycle with lots of steps, or is your sales process simple and transactional? Maybe it's somewhere in between. Share the number of steps in your pro Leer más
28 Me gusta
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Junio 29, 2022
Sadly, when I asked my sales team cannot tell me. (hence the RevOps approach 🙂 ) This is exactly where we will start our RevOps journey.
mbarba en Febrero 16, 2022
Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is integral to taking an inbound approach to business and speeding up your company’s flywheel. Why are those important? Let’s define terms first: Inbound is a method of attracting, e Leer más
Abril 28, 2022
A past company I worked for had an incredible cult following. Their product was top-notch, they did frequent releases, they built a user community, ...Leer más
mbarba en Febrero 16, 2022
Here at HubSpot, we define Revenue Operations, or RevOps, as the people, processes, systems, and data that control how your business generates revenue. That means that if you work at an organization that generates revenue, Leer más
Abril 19, 2022
Hi There! I am Cristina, based out of MA. There are several key pillars of a RevOps role. The most important are around: Uncovering data, conduc...Leer más
mbarba en Febrero 24, 2022
Hey there! I’m Mary Barba, HubSpot Academy’s revenue operations (RevOps) professor. Welcome to the Revenue Operations Study Group! One of the best ways to learn RevOps is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with ot Leer más
Abril 18, 2022
Hello, I'm Cristina from iuvo Technologies, an IT Consulting firm, in MA. I currently own the marketing program, but will be moving into our new...Leer más
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